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Future FC Women Kickoff 2023 Season Away To Empire Surf

A Familiar Site To Host Game 1
Published May 16, 2023

May 16, 2023; Corona, Ca.- Future FC Women kickoff the defense of their 2022 UPSL SoCal Conference Championship, away to debutants Empire Surf Sunday, May 21 at 4:30pm at Galway Downs.  Galway Downs operated as Future FC Women's home grounds in the 2021 season and their first game last season.  To say that they are familiar and comfortable with the venue would be an understatement.

"Although the game is listed as away, most of our players are familiar with the venue and feel very much at home at Galway, (as we played most of our home games there in season 1)," said Future FC Head Coach, Shayon Jalayer.   He added, "We should have a lot of youth player support as we are co-hosting a tournament this weekend with our friends from Empire Surf and I think it promises to be a very good and entertaining game."

Empire Surf is led by Director of Coaching, Greg Ion, a former Canadian International, who played in the famed North American Soccer League and the Major Indoor Soccer League,respectively, of the 1980's. 

"Greg's doing great things in the Temecula Valley with not only the youth club, but now with a Women's UPSL Team.  UPSL is not only getting a great organization from top to bottom, but a Club that can compete with the best," said Jalayer.

Future FC Women look to be poised, prepared and seem to have secured their final signings to help them for the 2023 run.  A major blow to the squad was the loss of attacking maestro Sydney Studer of Washington State due to an ACL tear.  Though she won't be on the playing field, she's been added to the staff as an Assistant Coach and Player Mentor.  That said, a major signing was that of her sister Jenna Studer, who is back for her third season and will be a captaining a side with more youth than in previous editions. 

Jenna Studer explained, "I'm excited just to be out there again.  We have the benefit of training with our team, but being able to translate what we have been doing on someone else is going to be competitive and fun.  I'm looking forward to the challenge of defending the title against the league's new members.  I hope to be more of an impact this season with many of our top players from last year unavailable.  Being able to keep a high standard and competition level is going to be critical.  One thing about Future is once the jersey comes on it's a different type of fun and competition level."

Future FC Women do not return home to Santiago High School Stadium until June 4.  Until then follow us here and all of our social media platforms for news, information and updates.